Black list

Insurance company «Allianz — Tiriac» (Romania)

From 01.11.2013 Mountain Rescue Service Kyrgyzstan does not accept insurance policies of Allianz Tiriac company because of non-payment for rescue mission conducted in the mountains. The insurance case corresponded to insurance policy terms. In case of emergency “Allianz – Tiriac” insurance will not be a guarantee of payment. To provide rescue mission other guarantees of payment will be required.

Assistance company Global Voyager Assistance (GVA)

As a result of several cases of non-payment for ordered missions Mountain Rescue Service does not accept the orders from GVA as well as insurance policies of companies which work with GVA by agreement as a guarantee of payment.

Please before purchasing the insurance policy make sure the assistance service for your insurance company is not provided by Global Voyager Assistance.


Do you have a story?

If you have had similar cases and there are facts about poor quality support, as well as failure to fulfill insurance obligations, please write to our e-mail.